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About HälsingeUtbildning

HälsingeUtbildning is a cooperation between all the municipalities of Hälsingland; Bollnäs, Hudiksvall, Söderhamn, Ljusdal, Ovanåker and Nordanstig, with focus on adult education. The cooperation means that we together in Hälsingland can offer a large variety of distance educations for adults.
The organizational form is that of an economic association. Our cooperation covers both upper secondary school education, university education and other adult educations. Our web site, Halsingeutbildning.se, is a shared portal for education for all adult education in Hälsingland. Here you can see which educations are on offer locally. The educations are carried out in a flexible way through distance education or at your local learning centre.

HälsingeUtbildning is managed by a political committee and under them is a managerial group.
HälsingeUtbildning are active members of two of Sweden´s national educational networks: Nitusexternal link, opens in new window and VIS.external link, opens in new window

Hälsinge Utbildning ek förening
Kullgatan 6-8
824 30 Hudiksvall
Organization number: 769602-5290


For further information — please contact:


University Education
Anneli Norgren Blom, Headmaster
E-mail: anneli.norgren.blom@bollnas.se
Tel: +46 278 357 39, Mobil  +46 70-654 67 63

Adult education
Anders Danielsson Lans, Headmaster Adult Education/Health Care
E-mail: anders.danielsson.lans@bollnas.se
Tel: +46 278 254 49

Svante Jönsson, Headmaster
E-mail: svante.jonsson@hudiksvall.se
Tel: +46 650 383 79
Mobile: +46 70-19 17 381

Pär Bergroth, Headmaster
E-mail: par.bergroth@hudiksvall.se
Tel: +46 650-383 77
Mobile: +46 702 66 08 84

David Norman, Headmaster
E-mail: david.norman@ljusdal.se
Tel: +46 651-184 77
Mobile: +46 70-191 61 90

Anna-Lena Sjölander, Headmaster
Tel: +46 652-362 68

Åke Lind, Head of Adult Education
E-mail: ake.lind@ovanaker.se
Tel: +46 70-191 34 98

Jonny Engström, Head of CFL-Centre for flexible learning
Tel: +46 270-751 22
E-mail: jonny.engstrom@soderhamn.se
Ann-Sofie Gustafsson, Manager University Education
Tel: +46 270-756 32
E-mail: ann-sofie.gustafsson@soderhamn.se
Dan Jonsson, Headmaster
Tel +46 270-766 20, +46 70-567 79 56
E-mail: dan.jonsson@soderhamn.se

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